Thursday, July 10, 2008


In the height of my sleep drepravation caused by "one more stitch" syndrome, I asked you, my readers, to help me name my mannequin.  I'm not sure how to close the poll, but as it stands at this moment, Deesire received the most votes with Deedra coming in second.  Deelyne came in tied for last; I found this interesting since it is part of my real name ... the "lyne" part it, pronounced "Lynn."   However,  I do think Deesire is the right name for my mannequin, because I desire to finish more projects.  I desire to design more projects.  I desire to have more projects fit ME.  So there you have it.  Deesire.  Thank you everyone for voting!

And so, to go along with Deesire's official name ceremony, Desire is modeling my latest finished project hot off my crochet hook:  Model 13.  (Hey, I didn't name it, that German magazine did. I would have picked out a more alluring name to match the pretty stitches!)

For now, I hear her screaming.  (Yeah, I know she's headless.)  I need to go rescue her, bringing her back into the house to safety.  The kids are having a water balloon fight and she has no way to run and no way to defend herself.  But I do; I deesire to!  Once she's safely back inside I will take revenge upon the children for scaring her so badly.  I have a water hose, and I have great aim!   LOL



Anonymous said...

Wow Dee Number 18 sure came out beautiful.  Great job.  Desire looks great with it on too. SMILE  I bet if she had arms she would take that hose from you and join in on the fun.  LOL  Gorgeous work as usual.  Wendy from FL

Anonymous said...

Deesire looks beautiful with Model #13 on her!  Just let her know that I know where I can get snowballs right now for those pesky kids!  [VBG]

Anonymous said...

The finished #13 is FAB!  I can't wait to see this at the conference.