Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CGOA Fashion Show: "What a Hoot!"

We arrived safely home last night and have spent the day unpacking ... and many hours later, we're still unpacking.  But why should that prevent you from getting another little taste of the CGOA's Fashion Show?  It doesn't!  I have another little sample for you all to enjoy!!

But, first, let me set the scene.  Months ago, Melanie Gill, member of the
International Free Form Crochet Guild put out the call for scrumbles.  The plan: to create for Brian, of,  a freeform vest and surprise him with it at the Conference.  I contributed these pieces:

The last piece pictured on the right I had created to resemble an ice cream cone because Brian is such a sweet~heart!  (And so is his wife, Anne!) 

The plan worked!  Mel presented/surprised him with the vest at the Freeform Dinner on Friday night (I wasn't able to attend the dinner this year) and he wore it -- rather, he modeled it! -- at the CGOA's Fashion Show the next evening.

Sit back and enjoy Brian's hamming it up on the catwalk! ...

Not to be outdone by her husband, Anne wore the pink-theme freeform bra I had created two years ago for the Bravo Auction in 2006 when the Conference was in Pennsylvania -- she looked fantastic wearing it!!!   To Anne's right is her husband, Brian -- pre-vest hysteria!  {VBG}

There were a total of 29 contributors from around the world, under the vision of Melanie Gill, and the assistance of Barbara H. Van Elsen, that made this project possible.  As I receive permission to post contributors names, I will add them here:

* Bonnie Pierce, United States. Website: &
* Melanie Gill, United States. Contributor and Coordinator
* Barbara H. Van Elsen, United States. Website:
* Maven, United States. Website:
* Jorel Thomson, United States.
* Diane Moyer, United States. 

* Myself, Dee Stanziano, United States.


Anonymous said...

Brian has got to be on the catwalk next year...What a hoot!!!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd ring in here... I contributed a few pieces to the vest, too:)

Anonymous said...

Brian will never live that down! And why should he??
It's as good as the pics of him wearing the freeform bra! ?
From quiet and unassuming to a BIG HAM!! Doesn't take much to egg him on.
I was ready to run up there and stick $$$$ in his chaps! ROFLMAO!! We had a ball!