Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guest Blogger: Mini~Dee

Hi everyone!  Mom is busy doing stuff.  You know, getting ready for the Conference.  She has been working very hard, and gets very excited when UPS comes with deliveries!  I am helping her out today by blogging for her.

Did she tell you what she did for my Hooks & Needles Club we started at my school a few months ago?  On the last day of school she handed out printed certificates off the Each One Teach Two website and along with thanking all the members, she gave everyone a pretty skein of yarn.  I thought that was pretty nice of her to do.  She also gave the other Mom, who was helping her at the meetings, a pretty crochet hook that was made from a recycled piano.  That was cool!  

I seem to have been crocheting a poncho for myself for, well, it seems like forever.  But not really.  It just feels that way because you have to make a bunch of tiny squares and then later sew them all together.  I don't think it will be done in time for the conference, but at least I can pack it and bring it with me.  Today I worked on making a hat for my American Girl doll.

I'm pretty excited about going to the conference too.  This will be the first year I get to take a class!  I'm taking a class with Myra Woods.  It should be fun.  Plus I'll get to see the friends I made last year!

Bye!  Mini~Dee


Anonymous said...

You're a great guest blogger, mini~Dee. A crochet hook made out of a piano. How unique! I would have loved to see that. My HAS is started to make noises... Gotta go... look... for... hooks...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post, volunteer to help Mom again soon.
I love hearing about what's happening with your crochet club, and your garden projects.
I'm eager to see the progress on your poncho, and the hat for your American Girl doll.  Hope to see them at the conference.
A crochet hook made from part of a recycled piano?  That's sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo!  Great job as pinch-blogger.  :D  
See you in Manchester, huh?  Yours, Doris