Saturday, January 22, 2005

I Love Hooking

It's snowing like crazy out there today.  Our weather forecast is 12-20 inches of snow; 25 inches "...would not be surprising" they added.  OK, then why not just say it's snowing out there and there's gonna be a whole lotta shoveling and hot chocolate?  {{chuckles}}

I've been out there twice already, just in the last hour, and shoveled the walkway of several inches of snow.  Hubby and kids returned home from the store where they went to get some football game goodies (food) for tomorrow.  Marshmallows were on top of the grocery list.

Anyway, as it snows, and as the family gets into the, ah-hem, fun of shoveling (and sledding) I'm playing with the main computer today.  I reloaded Paint Shop Pro, and the driver for the new digital camera.  I can hear you all cheering about this {{more chuckles}} because that means I can show what projects I've been working on. 

Today's image (top, right) is the Valentine's Rose Broach I designed for some upcoming classes I'll be teaching in Bethel and Stamford(I also have future plans of taking some great pictures and creating the pattern for sale.)  Pictured is my rose; it's glittery and is attached to my name tag.  The roses I'm crocheting as store samples are not (bottom, left), but they're just as pretty in cotton twist and berroco's suede.  I already know that the employees at A Stitch In Time like them very much.

So, while most of the folks in the Northeast are thinking thoughts of snow, I'll have roses on the brain.  How about you?  Are you digging out tooand trying to keep your mind thinking Spring?

PS: The pin you see in the photo that reads "I Y Hooking" I purchased at the Stitches East event in 2003.  It's a lot of fun to wear out! 


Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love that rose!  Very beautiful!  We are shovelling out here (well, John is) and hot chocolate is a must!  We didn't get near as much snow as you are expected to get though.  They say its going to be difficult to measure because of the winds blowing and making drifts out of it.  Definitely a Nor'easter for you on the east!  You have my sympathies!  ~ Sheila  (oh, and yes, of course I'm cheering about the camera!!!  ::giggle::)

Anonymous said...

Your roses are just gorgeous! When you write up the pattern, I'll be first in line to buy it!  I can just see the glittery version nestled in the pine boughs of a Christmas tree!
Really, let me know at:
Denelle (Hamilton, Montana)

Anonymous said...

So, you know, you should sell some of your patterns online!! I know some of us <cough --me--cough> would probably love to buy some of your patterns... the rose being high on that list. Oh wait, maybe you do that already?? I should go take a closer look at your website. I've been there, but not explored completely... got sidetracked by some links <LOL>