Friday, January 28, 2005

Men Men Men Men, Mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Have you seen the CBS show called Two and a Half Men? ... if so, insert their theme song into the background of your head ("Men Men Men Men, Men Men Men Men, Mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"). LOL I thought that'd be a great way to start today's thoughts of men and crocheting.

Men crochet? Why certainly! Why shouldn't they? In fact, you can visit my entry from September 23, called "Men Meet Monday Nights But Not to Watch Football", or my entry from a month prior to that, Something's Fishy.  So what brings this up? Well, I was watching NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, crocheting up some roses, when Tom Green came on stage. Now, for the record, Tom Green does nothing for me -- I don't find him funny in the least bit, but being I was deeply involved with my crochet and couldn't exactly reach for the remote to flip the channel, I let the segment on TV remain. And I'm partially glad I did.

While I was not impressed with Tom sticking his head in an ice fishing hole -- twice, I was tickled when he was at a ski resort because while there he featured a man wearing a crocheted hat, and yellow crocheted pants. The man went on to explain to Tom that he had crocheted these items himself and whipped out a hook and started to show Tom. Tom with all of his lack of taste and common sense decided it would be fun to tie one of the yarn ends from the man's pants to the back of a pickup and watch it unravel. (That part of the "report" I didn't like because it was hours and hours of work being unraveled and ruining the man's pants.) 

I visited the NBC website and found the TV clip of the "Colorado" report Tom had done, but they edited the scene out.  Sorry readers, unless they re-air the program, the segment is gone. I just thought it was cool though that men enjoying crochet got national air time! :)  (BTW: If  you're the guy that was featured, drop me a line -- I'd love to insert your name here and/or post a link to your website so all can see your wonderful crochet tallents!)

Now speaking of men, I received an email newsletter from Lion Brand yesterday. (You can sign up to receive their email to byvisiting their website.)  In the newsletter they announced a pattern for a Crochet Oversized Poncho for men. Hey, it's about time! It looks great!! Too bad the pattern wasn't used to crochet Clint Eastwood a poncho to wear in that movie he appeared in, "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly." It would have looked GOOD!!  Hmmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmph! {{grins}}

So, what about my little man here. Is he still practicing his crochet that my daughter taught him? No. He's been busy with homework but says he might pick up the hook sometime this weekend. So see, even if he's not physically doing it, he has it on his mind.  Cool.  :)

4:33 PM UPDATE:  I was asked if I can explain who my little man is.  My "little man" is my very young son.  Go back a few journal entries and you'll find one about my daughter teaching him how to crochet the chain stitch.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!  GMTA, I was going to talk about the Lion Brand Newsletter in my journal today too but you beat me to it!  I was going to say "Ponchos - they aren't just for women anymore!".  Personally, I liked the Homespun Man's Poncho.  Wasn't crazy about it as a design for me but thought it would be great for ME!  Take care, Sheila