Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Future

I subscribe to the fashion magazine "Elle" -- not because I can afford to spend $700 on a single pair of shoes, heck, $70 is more along my spending limits AND it BETTER be for a special occasion! -- I subscribe to look at what the current fashion statement is.  I want to figure out where crochet seems to fit in current fashion trends, and I've made mention of it here in my journal on a couple occasions.

So what is The Future?  Well, believe it or not, it seems to be a musical, although I've yet to find reference to it on the Web.  There's a two page spread ad in the February 2005 issue, and what I'd like to call you attention to is the poncho smack dab in the middle of the ad ... you know, on the CREASE! 

I don't care what that "fashion guy" that appeared on the TV program "The View" had to say about ponchos being passe' (or Meredith's apparent dislike for ponchos) -- they're not going out of style.  If anything, I'd say that they're more in fashion this year than last.  And the one that's featured in the ad in Elle just knocked my socks off.

If you're not interested in purchasing the magazine, that's OK.  Just make sure to flip through it at your local book store or grocers.  Turn to page 56 and be prepared to be WOWed.  It's a two tone poncho -- orange underneath, green, cream, red and blue on the top.  Yeah, I can see ponchos in "The Future."

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