Friday, January 14, 2005

Coffee Musings

The blogger with the copyright infringement has done the right thing; she took the patterns down.  Good for her.  It's better to be safe than broke.  I understand that the homepage for Vogue Knitting has a blurb on copyright, but for the life of me I can't find it.  Maybe it's because I'm tired from staying up late & still being sick; maybe it's because I haven't had enough coffee yet.

I'm nearly done with the poncho for the publication.  It's taken so many hours upon hours to get it just right.  You know, I find it interesting that when I break out of my "safe zone" (we all have them!) of favorite colors, the end results can really take your breath away.  That's what this project has done for me.  I'm really liking this creation, and if my family says "Wow" one more time, my head will swell too much for me to be able to fit it through the doorways.  Of course that could just be congestion from this cold that has me thinking this way.   ha ha ha

Today I'll be tending to my son who's now sick (what's WITH this family!!) and typing up the pattern for the project.  As I do so, I can only hope that once this pattern I put so much heart, soul, and time into, is published, the pattern doesn't make the round of folks abusing the copyright.  I can only hope they'll do the right thing and purchase the book.  After all, a good sale of the book could mean future projects may possibly be published, and that would mean an income for my family.  An income that, for the present time, would all be spent on Kleenex & Advil as we try to beat all these winter flu bugs going around.     

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