Thursday, January 6, 2005

Monkeying Around

Last night I added another Famous Crocheter to my growing list thanks to Gracie. I believe this makes 19 so far.

While watching Jay Leno last night, I think I may have spotted the 20th, but need confirmation first. Jay had on Patricia Arquette, the star of the new TV series "Medium." They were talking about her love of the holidays and got to chatting about Halloween. She said her 2-year old daughter loves sock monkeys so she hand made the costumes for her & the baby's daddy. She reached to the backside of the couch and with Leno's help showed off this huge sock monkey costume which she said took a lot of "stitches" to do, and with me sitting here in Connecticut watching the show on the telly, I would have sworn that they were CROCHET stitches. Big ones; maybe done with an Q hook.  Alright Patricia, you're on my list of "potentials" -- just waiting for confirmation.   :)

Now if you're snowed in today, too, and happen to have a pair of wool socks laying around, you can make your own sock monkey and then crochet some clothes for it.  Go ahead, knock your socks off! ... these make great items to give to charity. J

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