Sunday, January 23, 2005

Technical Savvy, not

I managed to get 3 of the 5 programs loaded onto my main PC -- thus far, no crashing. The rest of the time I spent playing with the new software, and have more playing to do.  Let me explain a bit why:

On Tuesday, I wrote about my daughter teaching my son how to crochet, and how I had caught some of the interaction on the camcorder. I haven't a clue on how I did it (perhaps reading all the owners manuals would explain it to me), but I managed to get this image off of the video footage. The image to the right is my daughter, Casey, crocheting with her baby doll named Annabelle.

My goal is to figure out how to get a small snippet of the video footage of the two of them crocheting to add to her website,, that's been receiving rave reviews -- and not just from parents! It seems that there's various school systems that have deemed her website as safe for kids to visit on school grounds. When I explained this to my daughter she just smiled. She really likes sharing her passion of crochet just like her Mamma! :)

So, readers, if you have experience in taking video footage off of a dvd and uploading them to the web, can you help clue me in?  I'm thinking that I will probably have to purchase some sort of video editing software and I'm hoping that's not the case.  There's nothing like feeling like you have a zillion fingers made of sausage and unsure what to do with them -- do I press this key, that key? Click here, click there? ... hmmm, sounds a lot like how a newbie crocheter feels, huh?  Technical savvy, not. J

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this software will do what you want or not.... but it's free <g> and a place to start. Go to and look for MovieMaker2... It's free, and it's to put together movies on your computer... And, according to how new your computer is and what company you bought it from, it may already be preloaded on your computer... check there first! I'm thinking one of the saves is probably an AVI, which you could upload to your website.... Hope this helps... Good Luck!!