Saturday, January 1, 2005

Stitch by Stitch ... I Resolve.

Here it is, 2005! 

It's a brand new year filled with possibilities ... and I should know as I couldn't sleep last night and ended up crocheting a Remote Control Holder for the TV & DVD player.  LOL

My sleepless night started out with frustration from yesterday.  It appears that our propane supplier had forgotten to do our automatic delivery -- again.  I had discovered that there wasn't a drop of hot water when I decided to take my shower yesterday to prepare for an evening of Celebration.  This meant that the children couldn't bathe either.  So after being held captive at home for over six hours awaiting for a call back from the company, it was too late to go out grocery shopping to pick out something nice for dinner.  It was also too late to follow through with our initial plans of going out to dinner.  In all due fairness, the company did show up around 9:00 PM.  I will admit that this is not how I pictured our last hours of 2004 together.

 Now while this might read that I had procrastinated in doing the grocery shopping, in my defense let me remind everyone that my family and I have been ill since Christmas and that yesterday was really the first day we started getting our energy back.  So I scoured the refrigerator for leftovers and made a "primavera" concoction which didn't come out half bad. 

After having all this pent up frustration I decided to do something with it.  I decided to solve a small problem -- keeping track of the remotes.  So after dinner I grabbed a ball of "Everest" yarn (the same yarn left over from crocheting the hat & scarf I made for my father), and an F hook and set to work.  By the time the crystal ball in NYC dropped ringing in 2005, my holder was 1/3 done.

After the family was fast asleep I got back up.  Still frustrated that the days' events did not unfold as I would have liked.  I know, I know!   I should have let these feelings go.  There are obviously people who are currently experiencing worse days than us.  But sometimes you can tap into your feelings and work them out a stitch at a time.  And that's exactly what I did.  Stitch by stitch.  At 5:30 this morning it was finished.  I took the long end of the holder and smoothed it out under the couch cushion.  Then I put the remotes inside and admired my work.  I smiled to myself.

"Yes, that's it," I thought to myself.  "Let that be the basis of my New Years Resolution.  I will resolve to let the daily life frustrations to be worked out into something productive that will solve a problem.  Stitch by stitch."

Now that the remote control issue is resolved, I'm wondering if I can do something to keep track of that cordless phone ...

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Anonymous said...

LOL about the cordless phone.  Mostly we leave ours on the hook charging but occasionally the husband takes it upstairs.  Ours has a "locate handset" button that we press and it makes the handset chirp so we can find it.  I like your idea for the remote holders.  We have a ton of them here.  Take care and glad you are feeling better (and probably even more so once you got that hot shower!)  Sheila