Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

My Journal is One Year Old today!! It's been a fantastic year of sharing thoughts, ideas, and projects with you, my readers, and I'm looking forward to sharing another year!

To celebrate today, give the story
Knitters tell yarns about getting hooked a read. Even though the article is knit slanted, it certainly applies to crocheting too: "The new generation of women knitters [CROCHETERs too!!] in some way come to a lesson in feminist history when they take up knitting [or ANY needle work, like CROCHETing!]. Our culture today is so fast; young women, especially, think they can show up with sticks, a ball of yarn, and walk out with a completed item."

What this means is that we should stop and take the time to celebrate life.  Grab a hook and some fiber and create a memory one stitch at a time that lasts for generations!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your journal :)
I'm still working on learning the basic stitches for crochet but when I get a small square together I'll take a picture and show you! It's really exciting and I'm loving it :) I'm hoping I can crochet a small afghan for one of my friends who is expecting a baby in March.