Saturday, January 29, 2005

Remembering Relationships

It takes a minute to find a special person.
An hour to appreciate them,
A day to love them,
ut then an entire lifetime to forget them.

I saw this on an email signature line today (I'm currently awaiting to find out who the quote belongs to so I can give proper credit) and it hit me in the heart.  I don't want to spend an entire lifetime to forget a relationship; I'd rather relish in what was good. 

I often think back to my Grandmother who spent so much time in helping shape who I am today.  Often times I'll run my fingers over her crochet and knit stitches and think of how wonderful she was to me.  I can still see her in my mind, sitting in her favorite chair, busy with her hook or needles.  I laugh when I think back to her attempts to teaching me knitting ... oh, what a nightmare that was!  :)

Here's to all those relationships we've formed in our past, our present, and our future.  May they all be good, may they all last, and may we all remember them with fondness in our hearts.

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