Monday, January 17, 2005

Spotlighting Copyright

On January 12th I wrote an entry called "OH NO! It's stealing!" which discussed a journal/blog, I found, of violating copyright. Since that time, I have received some private emails thanking me for bringing up this topic.

One person wrote, "I remember in high school that we had to write term papers. The teacher explained to us what plagiarism is, but never discussed copyright. I'm glad you brought this topic up as I'm learning so much."

Another wrote, "I never knew that sharing a copy of a pattern I liked was against the law. I thought that since the pattern was free that it was ok. Thanks for talking about this Dee."

Well, based on all the feed back, I want to remind everyone that I am not an expert on copyright, nor do I play one on TV (ha ha) -- I do have, however, a few more links on the copyright topic to share with you. Check them out; they're very informative:
          * LazyGirlDesigns
          * Copyright for Quilters and Crafters

Feel free to share this information on Copyrights with family, friends, and yarn shops.  The more we enlighten everyone, the better.  J

(Thank you, Wheat, for pointing these sites out.)

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