Thursday, January 6, 2005

Question from Reader: Tunisian Crochet

Hi Dee, I saw on your blog that you will be teaching Tunisian crochet. Can you tell me what that is? Is it hard to do? I wish I lived closer to you. Your classes sound like fun. Thanks, Jessie

Hi Jessie,
I may not be local to you, but if you find yourself looking to take some classes on Tunisian Crochet -- you can do so at the
CGOA Regional Conference that's being held in Pennsylvania this March. Julia Bryant of Canada will be teaching them. You can see some wonderful creations on her website. (she has the classes she'll be teaching listed on her website.)

In the meantime, you can check out the chezcrochet
Tunisian Crochet page where there is a lot of information on this crochet method.

Is Tunisian hard to do? Well, I think that all depends on how quickly you catch on to the idea of having a large amount of loops on your hook at once. The method does slightly mimic the knitting technique -- and in fact with the Tunisian method we can actually mimic knit and purl stitches (it really blows knitters minds to see us do that with just a hook!)With anything, Jessie, it takes practice.  And for some, patience with themselves. The more practice we put in, the easier it gets.

I also think that knowing a variety of different crochet methods will open up new creative possiblities for you.  Check out some scarves I crocheted last year for my kids teachers ... the one in the mauve coloring was done in the Tunisian technique.

Of course if you should find yourself in Connecticut and would like to take some classes with me, I'd be honored!  Keep an eye on my Class Schedules [BETHEL/STAMFORD] and let me know if you plan on being in the area -- I can help point out some local hotels and yarn shops that may interest you.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Dee - Is a double ended crochet hook used for Tunisian crochet?  If so, I think my sister is doing this.  Was strange to see a crochet hook with a hook on both ends!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for letting me know about the broken link; I've since fixed it.  :)