Thursday, March 31, 2005

Student Triumphs

One of my students (yes, it was you, Lori) came up with a great suggestion for me.  She said, "Dee, why don't you create a place where we can see all of your students crocheted creations!"

I loved the idea and started it today ... thanks to the quick thieving hands I have ... LOL.  No, I didn't really steal; I just borrowed, possibly for long term, my dad's new digital camera.  I borrowed it over the Easter Holiday and I'm getting to think that he's not expecting it back any time soon.  (why else would he drop the box w/all the cables & such off here at the house? You'd think the same thing, right? LOL)

Anyway, I started a new album on my PictureTrail site ... just go to the Student Triumph album.

Hey, and Lori, next week bring all your goodies in -- I have pictures to take!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!  PICTURES TO COME.....  Talk to you............  Lori