Wednesday, March 9, 2005

So, How Fast Are You?

Lily Chin holds the record as the World's Fastest Crocheter.  She defended her title last year in England and won.  So how fast is fast?  She does something like 93-98 double crochet stitches in three minutes.  Now that's fast!

Me?  Well the last (and first time) I checked, I did something like 55-60 stitches in that timeframe.  I didn't practice, so who knows, perhaps my time could be faster.  Perhaps one day the Crochet Chapter I belong to will sponsor another one of these speed contests.

If you want to go up against Lily's time, I understand that the CYCA will be holding tryouts at the upcoming CGOA Regional Conference.   They had trials at the 2004 National Conference in NH and I recall watching these crocheters "go to town."  It was amazing to watch.

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