Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Someone Needs to Enlighten Mother Nature

Spring is here.  Yeah, right.  Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature because ANOTHER major snow storm is forecasted to hit later this afternoon.  Four to Eight inches of heavy snow.  Am I prepared?  You betcha!

After getting in late last night, I finished crocheting up the Preemie set I had started in my son's class on Monday ... it's a little blanket, coral colored, with a matching bonnet.  I left the back top portion of the bonnet open so medical wires (monitors & such that get attached to the baby's head) can be passed through.  After I finished it, I started working on the Beach Tote that's in Pauline Turner's book, "How to Crochet."    The tote will be put on display at the store for an upcoming workshop.  It's working up quickly, and the Tweedy Cotton Classic yarn I brought home yesterday, is just a dream to work with!

The snow storm will give me the time to finish other projects that are sitting on the hook ... but I do need to get to the library today.  My daughter has to do a biography book report.  I suggested she do it on Laura Ingalls Wilder since she likes stories of the American Frontier ... and because it's National Women's Month ... and because, well, yeah, Laura was a crocheter!   (Aw, Mom!  Does everything have to be about crochet?  LOL)

If she does say yes to my suggestion, I envision teaching her how to do the basic granny square so she can have the experience of what the pioneers used to help stretch their resources.  Who knows, maybe she can even add it to the cover of her report.  All I can do is suggest.  It's really up to her to decide. 

And speaking of Women, and of Achievements ... did you know that the hoopla over Martha's Freedom Poncho made the front page of the New York Times last Friday??  (One of my crochet students pointed this out to me yesterday.  Thank you Shelly!)  Crochet!  On the front page!  Oh, you gotta love that!! 


shooser1 said...

LOL!  Geez, Dee, you're going to have snow until July at this rate!  The Martha poncho hoopla has spurred something new among crocheters - the "No Poncho Pledge" where people are actually taking a pledge to never wear or own a poncho.  Ran across one journal with the pledge and in the next entry she was making one for someone else.  I thought it was kind of funny and mentioned it in my good-natured way.  Well, apparently, this journaller took great offense at my comment and even called me by name in the entry about it.  Guess that is one less blog I have to worry about reading!  Sheila

bllcrafts said...

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