Sunday, March 6, 2005

How to Email Me

Want to send me a direct email?  Great!  :)

Take my website address: and insert @aol right after the last "e" in my name and right before the dot

I'd spell it out for you but don't want the icky web spiders picking up my email address resulting in my account being overloaded with Spam.  I appreciate your understanding of my desire to keep Spam to a minimum.  :)

Also, please make sure you put the word: CROCHET in the subject line so it's not mistaken for Spam by aol.

Please note: If you email me an inquiry and I think my reply may help other crocheters, I may answer it here in my Journal -- if you wish to keep it private, please state so in your email. 

Since I also volunteer for the CGOA, I unfortunately don't have the time to assist with individual requests for pattern searches.  A great resource for this would be in recommending you join the Crochet Partners group with some 2000 members ... the link to this great group is to the right.

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