Monday, March 14, 2005

Crochet in the News

If you're a Scorpio, your horoscope says you should do a fun activity this week ... like crocheting.  I'll have to show this to my son tonight and see it if will spur him to pick up the crochet hook again.

Lily Chin is currently crocheting on the morning CBS TV news -- she'll be offering a crochet lesson at 8:30 AM; the weatherman even modeled the "freedom" poncho.  If you don't know who Lily is, here's an article called "Knit one, purl two,  too cool" for you to read.  Hopefully I set that VCR machine correctly and I'll get to watch it later tonight after I return from teaching Staff Development Day. 

One of the things that the article mentions is that Lily spends her time crisscrossing the country promoting the fiber arts and the latest in yarns.  (Really, it's more like crisscrossing the world!)

Although not mentioned in the article, unfortunately, with the Sirdar fur recently being called a fire hazard, we need to add another yarn to the flammable list:  Fur Out yarn.  If you have this yarn, you can contact Bernat at 1-800-641-5634 and request they reimburse you.


7:05 PM UPDATE:  Did you miss seeing Lily Chin on the CBS News this morning?  So did I.  My attempt at taping the segment failed.

Don't worry though ... you can watch it by going here.  She did a great job!!  :)

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