Thursday, March 31, 2005

Finding Events & Asking to be Included

On one of the online lists I enjoy being a member of, our discussion has turned to locating area events that promote the fiber arts ... and more specifically, crochet.

I found this website: -- it seems to have quite a few events listed for various states when I did a search for "fiber."  There were not as many for "crochet" ... but still they were listed!  I find this great because it may help others who want to see and participate in the fiber arts world.  Go ahead and check it out.  :)

If you don't see an event for your area, why not ask a local yarn shop to host one?  I asked the store, Knit Together, if they'd host a Trunk Show ... you know, the one I mentioned the other day? ... they're now looking into it.

And while we're asking, ask to have crochet included!!  My girlfriend Grace did just that when she received an email promotion from the yarn shop, WEBs.  The email catered to knitters, so she sent them an email and asked that crochet be included.  They responded to her within 15 minutes and said that they would!

See, no harm in asking!!  :)

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