Thursday, March 31, 2005

Join me for some Snoopy Dancing :)

I received an email today on my "baby:"

Dear Dee,

We are honored to be able to display such an exquisite piece!

Jules and I were amazed and pleased as we opened your package to reveal your exquisite Irish Clones Lace Doily! It is wonderful to have a modern example of real Irish Crochet in our exhibit. It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! The frame sets it off with splendor.

We were also so glad you included the information on how long it took you to make it. Jules and I had just been discussing how long it takes to crochet lace ... the fact that you were able to give us an exact number of hours sheds light on all of the works we have displayed.

Thank you for the honor of being able to show your beautiful work.

Martha Shen

For those just tuning into this topic: upon invitation, I sent my Irish Clones Lace doily to be included in the Lacis Museum of Laces and Textiles for display in the Opening Exhibit entitled:    
                                              "IRISH CROCHET LACE"
                                              150 Years of a Tradition
which starts tomorrow, April 1st, and runs through July 30th 2005.  This is my first time having a piece on display in a museum.

                         I am so on Cloud Nine tonight!!  J

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