Thursday, March 3, 2005

Mummies, ghosts and gobblins?

I love looking at beadwork.  And I love adding beads to my crochet work as well.  So knowing of this passion, my dear husband sent me an email about a "perfect mummy" being found in Egypt behind a secret door.  This mummy is covered in beautiful bead work.  For AOLers, you can read the article here (for those that are not AOLers, try doing a search for the article on Google ... the article was released by the Associated Press and was written by Jamie Tarabay)

This reminds me that I'm still looking for a follow up for the mummy that was found in Puru about 4-5 years ago.  PBS did a program on this mummy that was found.  The mummy was that of a young girl, and she was found inside a cave located on the ridge of a "neck breaking" cliff.  The woman scientist had said as she examined the fabric, that the mummy was wrapped in what she believed was an early form of crochet.  So you can see why this has captured my attention. 

And speaking of attention, some believe that my recent trip to Lake Placid grabbed the attention of a spirit.  My husband took two pictures of me, just miliseconds apart.  See that white on the picture?  Some say that can be the spirit of a loved family member that joined us for my birthday celebration, or perhaps it could have been that of a former Olympian.  After all, that night the picture was taken, the arena had just been renamed after the coach that helped America bring home the Gold Metal for the US Hockey Team.  Whether you believe or not, I thought it interesting enough to share.  The important thing here, is that I was wearing my crocheted hat.

As for my crocheting projects, that Basic Scarf I mentioned yesterday is nearly done.  I set it aside last night and started on the initial process of designing my daughter's cape that she'll wear for her First Communion.  I'm using the Hairpin Lace technique with the most delicious yarn called "Linie 136."  It's like a flat ribbon with little "tuffs" of "puff."  I have to have it finished before May.  I have time, but don't want to wait until just hours before her big day to put thefinishing touches on it.   No, those kinds of sleepless nights are reserved for December.  {{grins}}


shooser1 said...

That is really strange about the pic!  As for the Peru mummy, every once in a while, they do a show on Peruvian mummies on the Discovery channel.  Might want to check their website for something.  Sheila

gabreaelinfo said...

Great Pic!