Friday, March 11, 2005

Aging thoughts turn to full circles

After you have a birthday, it's natural to think about the aging process.  I've been doing so since last month.

My beloved grandmother died at the tender age of 79; I miss her dearly.  So it was no surprise when I visited the blogthing site and took the quiz, that it suggested that I too would have a life expectancy of 79.   This means I have many more years to crochet!  

So while still at the blogthing site, I decided to take the quiz about what age I am at heart right now.  I scored a 23.  They said, "You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences"  How true, how true!

So what does age have to do with crocheting?  Nothing!  But most of us think about the age we were when we first started, and often times to our first projects.  Did I ever finish my first project?  No.  Didn't finish the second one either.  Still have them around somewhere but can't bring myself to finish them.  It's like they hold such deep memories, and I feel that somehow in finishing them it would be like releasing the memories they hold.  Silly I know.  But it's my connection to my start in crochet.  I'm sure you have your first crochet memories too. 

As I work on the interview questions, I had a telephone conversation with my mother to let her know about it.  "You know, Mom, you're going to be mentioned in my replies to the interview questions, and there's a chance it will make it into the book."

"Oh dear," she replied.  "I guess what you do in life does have a way to come back and bite you."

I laughed.

"If I had ever thought you'd get to this point, perhaps I would have tried harder to remember how to crochet and show you," she said.

"But that would have taken my learning journey on another path," I said. 

She laughed.  "In a book, huh?  Oh, boy.  Should I be nervous?"

"No, Mom.  You should be proud.  Life travels in full circles.  Isn't it wonderful that you can crochet today?"

"Yes," she said, "it is!"

Ah!  I cannot imagine NOT taking the path -- the time -- meeting the people I have -- to have learned crochet from, to those that I have shared crochet with!  Years may have passed, but I think the memories are priceless!

Now, as I look at my daughter I wonder about her journey.  What will she remember, what will she cherish, and more importantly, what will she say when it comes time for her to be interviewed?!!!!

"Hi Mom, I'm calling to let you know I'm being interviewed for a book, and my replies will mention you ..."

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