Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dee, going up for bid

Have you ever had one of those days where you were pulled in a million directions?  Today was my day, and it's not done yet!  I still have a mandatory meeting to attend later tonight.  Coffee and crochet will be my companions!  LOL

I do want to note, in honor of "National Crochet Month" that I have volunteered my teaching skills for an upcoming auction.  Yes, that's right, I'm going to be auctioned off to teach 5 people (the winning bidder and 4 of their friends) the basics of crochet.  I'll even be providing the yarn and hooks!  The auction will take place this fall and the money will go towards my kids school.  Yes, my evil plan of getting the entire school hooked on crochet is taking root even if that means I've got to be auctioned!  (Whaa ha ha ha ha!)

In fact, two of the teachers stopped by the school kitchen to see me yesterday.  One was interested in creating something other than "another scarf" and the other is returning to crochet after a hiatus.  The second teacher said to me, "See what you have me doing instead of laundry!?!  Oh, I just love it!  As long as my husband is fed, he doesn't care!  Who wants to do laundry anyways; just buy more clothes then you won't have to wash them!  This will leave lots more time for crocheting!"  (yeah, you can insert that evil laugh here too!)

So, you can see what I mean by slowly converting the school ... students, staff, and parents.  :)

Alright, I've got to get ready for that meeting.  Think they'll notice if I bring my ott-light and plug it in the back?  {{grins}}


arbyrut said...

you and your crochet. I am very surprised that you have not found a way to crochet while you sleep. I am sure you are working on it.

shooser1 said...

Auctioning yourself!  I LOVE IT!!!!  What a beautiful plan to warp, I mean, MOLD other's minds!  Seriously, this is a great idea and benefits the school as well.  You go, Girl!  Hugs, Sheila