Thursday, March 24, 2005

Question from Reader: One Handed Crochet

Linda writes: I am a professor at the University of Southern Maine (and the coordinator of RATE).  I receive many requests for information about how to crochet using one hand. Most of those making the requests have had a stroke and are trying to "get back" to their hobby. Do you have any information that would be useful? Lastly, might asking your readers for information be possible?

Hi Linda,
I truncated your inquiry; I hope you don't mind.  I appreciate you contacting me and inquiring about one handed crochet. I agree with you that there's not much available on the Internet on this topic, so one of the things I've been doing over the past several years is to post whatever information I find and have it listed all at one location. If you visit my website you'll find a link to my page on one handed crochet. (To make it easier for you, you can go right to the page by clicking here.) I hope the information I have there will help you help those that want to get back to their crocheting, and those that have never tried it before but want to.

AND READERS:  If you know of any information on the World Wide Web that can help, please let Linda and I know by posting here.  Your lead may help someone achieve their dreams of crocheting!!

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From the Crochet Partners online group:

This is a wonderful news story about a woman who had a stroke and how she uses her crochet: