Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Field Trip in honor of National Crochet Month

Yesterday was the big "Field Trip" in honor of National Crochet Month.  It was a field trip to bring Crochet Partners, and other crocheters together.  I went with Grace and Ritu (they also happen to be HHCCers), and with Diana, Jennifer and my daughter; we all headed north to Northampton, MA starting at 9:30 in the morning.

Before I went, I heard from CPer Rose.  She was wondering if I was going due to my not feeling well.  I love that she keeps tab on me!  I decided that I would conserve as much energy as I could and go.  This field trip, to me, was to take the place of my not being able to attend the Regional CGOA Conference that will take place at the end of the month.

So, I took my decongestant meds as Grace drove.  We arrived at WEBs around 11:30 and hooked up with CPer (and HHCCer) Diane, and with Pat.  We spent two luscious hours checking out all the fibers ... petting, ohhhhing, and ahhhhhing.  I met a woman at WEBs who's new to having "fiber-itis" ... I helped explain to her what a ball winder is for, and why a swift is a good idea too.  She seemed tickled to learn this information.

For myself, I picked up six balls of Plymouth Yarn's "Whisper" (Lori, I plan on making the same bag as you but with this fiber) and a spool of Susi's "Linhas Circulo" thread; I haven't a clue what I'll be making with it (I'll wait for the fiber to tell me what it wants to become).  For our crochet club, we also picked up a ball winder and a swift as well as some books for the club library. 

We bypassed Northampton Wools due to my not feeling well ... but made note as we drove by it that it appeared that they've expanded their store.  We will be visiting them on future trips!!

Around the corner we went ... off to visit Beaders Paradise.  The sun was shining, and warm.  It may have reached 50 degrees -- it was just a beautiful day and my poncho was getting compliments everywhere we went!  While inside Beaders I picked out some beads to go with my new thread that were such a perfect match they became a "must have!"

From here our group broke up.  We decided to head back home, again due to my not feeling well.  My daughter requested we stop for food on the way home, so we did.  Exit 33 off I-84.   We stopped at McD's for a bite and then did some quick shopping at AC Moore.  I picked up two more skeins of TLC's "CaraMia."

After we arrived home, I pretty much crashed.  Today I plan on doing nothing but staying at "Camp Couch" to crochet & snooze. 

Have you guessed it yet?  Yep, a big storm is headed our way today:  rain, sleet, and snow!  And yet, somehow, I  was able to get out and load up on the "necessities" to get me through it.   LOL (cough cough)

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shooser1 said...

Ick!  Ick!  ICK!!!
Our poor little Dee is SICK!
And I'm also reading where Kari is and my husband has been asking me if I'm coming down with it since I've been doing a lot of coughing lately.  I haven't gotten out, so have no idea where my cold is coming from!!!
Sounds like you had a good time despite being under the weather.  I'm happy for that!  Good luck on the wintry weather.  Just remember, is officially Spring now!  We're on the downhill now!
Hugs,  Sheila