Friday, July 29, 2005

Where's the Texture?!

Sometimes when I photograph my work the image comes out better than I expected.  Sometimes it's a complete disaster.  And sometimes it's a mixed result; I love it but not for the reason I took the image in the first place!  One thing I do know for certain, is that I enjoy the process.  I learn from it, just as I do when I goof around with various crochet experiments.

Yesterday, I took this picture late in the afternoon to use the "good light" coming from the sun.  My subject was my little Overlay Crochet experimentations that I decided to turn into a future bridal gift:  Little Coasters.   I showed my favorite image, the one you see here to my hubby.  Here's how the conversation went:

CWD:  "Hon, come look at this photo and tell me if you like it."

HON:  "I don't. It's missing texture."

CWD:  "What are you looking at?"

HON:  "The wine bottle."

CWD:  "The wine bottle?  Why are you looking at that?  Look at the crochet! ... you can really see the pineapple shaping in the doily underneath!"

HON:  "Why do you have a bottle of wine in the photo anyway?"

CWD:  "To add a color reference; to add some romantic flavoring; to add a point of reference."

HON:  "Oh, OK.  So, what are you trying to say with the photo?"

CWD:  (wrinkles nose) "I'm trying to show what I've done with my little Overlay Crochet pieces I've been playing with."

HON:  "Then this photo doesn't do it for me; the focus is on the wine bottle and the doily.  Take some more photos and see if you can show the texture of the Overlay Crochet better.  I love when I can see the texture of your work."

CWD:  "I agree; the focus is not where I really want it, but I still like the shot -- I mean look at the doily!  I'll play around with it some more tomorrow.  Thanks Hon."


So that's today's assignment, to try and capture the texture of the Overlay, not the doily.  And this is my tip to you, my readers: if you're using an autofocus camera, watch for where the focus is set.  Your end results could be emphasizing something else in your photo.


Anonymous said...

My opinion... I love the photo, it beautiful, it's expressive and romantic.
No, you're right, there's no focus on the coasters which a gorgeous and I am jealous, but the photo is beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

 I just love the Overlay coasters you have done.  I cannot find anywhere I can learn this technique. Can you help me out? And I love the picture you took its very colorful and I LOVE the doily too! Thanks
Las Vegas, Nevada