Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Crochet: Exposed!

I received an email from a reader stating that she's been a fan of my journal/blog for about 4 months and says she enjoys her visits.   (I love when my readers let me know that!  Thanks!!!)  ... She says she is "amazed at the frequency of [my] entries but sometimes [she] can't read them as regular as [she] would like."  She wishes to remain anonymous, but wanted to know if there was a way she can search my archives for older entries that she may find interesting "in relation to the type of crochet I enjoy."

Well, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, or in this case, a website that will help us all!  If you look to the "About Me" section on the top left of my journal here, you'll see that I've added something new to the bottom there: a link to the technorati website.  That link will lead you to my profile I created over there which will then let you type in a keyword ... such as "coffee" ... that you want to read about on my journal.  The technorati site will then search every entry I've done since January of 2004 and will "expose" each and every one related to that word.  Isn't that great?!?  (yikes, I have 20 entries containing the word coffee?  No, wait, this one mentions the word "coffee" too, so that will make it 21!!  LOL) 

Now while we're on the theme of exposing ... no, no nudity here, but if you wait, I will offer a link to some later in this entry ... I want to come clean; I want to confess.  I want to hang my head low, lower my eyes and state that yes, I am crocheting without working up a gauge swatch first.  Oh, the shame!  I can see you're swooning, feeling a bit faint from my confession, are ya?  Go ahead, put a cool cloth on your forehead.  I'll wait.

La da dee, la da dumb!  Dumb!  Dumb!  (this is where you can insert an imaginary image of me bonking myself on the head with a skein of yarn for doing such a silly thing)

How could I crochet something without working up a gauge swatch first!  Yeah, I know, "Bad Dee!!!"   LOL   If I were working on something like, say a garment, then it would be a serious infraction upon the crochet world!  After all, who wants a sweater that's two times too big with sleeves that fit an infant?  Not me!   So, since I'm just "goofing off,"  "experimenting" if you will, with some thread I picked up at WEBs last year, then this is no big deal.  There's really no need to send the crochet police to my home to confiscate my yarn and hooks.  I just wanted to confess that I'm working "gauge-less" ... and get ya all riled up!!  Heh heh heh!

Now, if that didn't do it.  If you don't feel a surge of rebelling energy bubbling through your veins, then this might do it.  Go ahead, click here, and while you do, remember, no matter how you feel about the human body, for sure it's crochet: exposed!!  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey, are you going to leave a link to your new journal?? The things I stumble across <LOL>

Anonymous said...

Phhhht! I found it.... I guess I should read your WHOLE links colum before I jump in to comment <g>