Thursday, July 7, 2005

Nobility, Speed & Baseball

Well, who knew I was nobility?  heh heh heh

I visited this website that has you plug in your name so it can generate your stitchers name.  I typed in my first name, Crochet, ...what? Did you think my first name was Dee all this time? (LOL) ... anyway, I typed in Crochet as my first name and With Dee as my last.  What popped up was "Lady Stitches All Night."  How much truer of a name could that be?  ((grins))  Go ahead, click onto the link and discover your stitching name.  :)

For those that have been following my journal for at least a few weeks, you may remember the entry that I wrote about crochet speed.  I have an update for you.  I received an email from Lisa Gentry stating that she broke the Guinness Record that was held by Barbara Jean Sonntag ... Lisa crocheted 170 stitches per minute!  Wow!  You can read about it here, and see pictures here.

So here's how it stands, for those of you keeping records:

  • Lisa Gentry ... 170 sts/min
  • Barbara Jean Sonntag (the current Guinness Record Holder) ... 147 sts/min
  • Lily Chin (Craft Yarn Councils' Record Holder) ... 132 sts/min

    Lisa, Barbara, Lily -- I think that's just amazing!  :)
  • Hey, just wondering here, how come we don't have baseball cards for crocheters? ... you know ... complete with all the crocheters' stats minus the baseball theme?  I tell you what ... design one that tells about your crochet experience and I'll do the same.  Then we can trade! 

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