Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Patterns in my Coffee ...

The weather has just been terrific for sitting outside and watching/playing with the children and yes, crocheting too ... and what I've been working on is my store displays. That includes pattern writing, pattern testing, button shopping, sewing, sipping coffee and just, well, enjoying every delicious moment of the process! ((grins)) 

The bag featured here was worked with delicious wool -- yes, that's right, wool, and yes, it is summer!  (See, I AM a diehard crocheter! LOL) Yesterday I finished the second bag with the Berroco Suede you see pictured.  The hardest part of the project -- picking out just the right buttons for the project!  I was at JoAnns yesterday with my daughter and I think we spent about an hour just looking at all the button possibilities!  Don't worry, I did treat us to two new crochet booklets for all the "pain and suffering" of having to narrow down the button selection.  Heh heh heh.  I couldn't say no ... not at 40% off!  So I picked out a book on doilies and one on crochet weaving.  (I'll provide the titles if there's interest.)

For now, I need to get back to work ... and to my cup of coffee ...  maybe I'll see visions of new crochet patterns in my coffee ... one can at least dream it, right?  :)


Other Favorite Items Featured in my Picture: If you like the coffee cup in the picture above, you can order one from here:  CafePress.  I think the coupon code LOVSAV might still be working ($3 off $30). 

The book is the
Crochet Stitch Bible --it's oneof my favorites for using in my crochet classes.  (I used it for selecting some of the stitches for my bag.) 

The hook is a Graydog -- they're only available on ebay.  My sweet hubby got me that hook as a present a few years back ... here's a close-up of it (look to the left)

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