Monday, July 4, 2005

Crochet some History ...

Happy Birthday, America!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic, and a safe, Fourth of July today!  ... and if you get a chance, crochet up a granny square -- as it's a rich part of our American History!  (Click onto the image on the right to go to Lion Brand's free pattern)

Or if you enjoy thread, and/or filet crochet better, then go here.

      May your celebration be fun and safe! 

Late Journal Addition: If you already visited my journal today, you may notice that I've added the image on the left to today's entry ... it's an picture I took this evening while watching a fireworks display with my family.  We were "right there" in the "thick of things" ... it seemed like we could reach into the sky and touch the magic!!  It was Fa-bu-licious!!  Hmmm, I wonder if that could be considered an actual word: fabulicious...  Well, it doesn't matter if it is or isn't an actual word -- we had a great time and that's what counts, right?  :)

  (Yes, while waiting for the fireworks show to begin, I had that crochet hook flying.  I'll share a picture of that project tomorrow.)


For a little historical fun, click here.


uddernd said...

I've been reading your journal for approximately three months.  You are truly an inspriation!  I believe I have enough yarn to make tha partriot aghgan.  I made a simple ripple pattern (red, white and blue one) for my son when he was three.  Those are the colors he selected.  He will turn 34 in August.  And still uses it.  Keep croceting!


uddernd said...

OOPS....crocheting      My mind is running too fast today.


astaryth said...

Happy Fourth to you and yours!

gabreaelinfo said...

What a colorful entry.



dornbrau said...

Happy 4th!  I love the firework shot, that is just wild!

mkolasa101 said...

Happy 5th now.  Just wanted to say I visited your journal and love the frieworks picture you posted, also the photos of you in coloring book and cartoon.  It's a great thing to pass on your passion for crocheting.  I'll be back to visit again.