Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Plea from Dee's Husband

      Dear Journal Readers:

       Please do not let my wife's confession of "it's been six weeks
       since my last yarn purchase for myself" fool you.   Note the key
       word, "myself," that she inserted into her confession.   If you're
       going to help her, if you're going to be that intervention group that
       helps her with this, it needs to read, "it's been six weeks since my
       last yarn purchase [period].

       Please, for the love of humanity, for a place for me to be able to
       store my clothing, and regain the use of my car trunk, help her!

       Yours truly,
        Dee's Husband

Fortunately for me, he's a really great guy who really doesn't have a problem with my yarn addiction.  Today's journal entries were done light-heartedly and for fun.  He loves me for me, and accepts that my addiction could be worse ... I could be addicted to patterns, hooks, and notions too ...  (should we tell him? Heh heh heh)


Anonymous said...

Try my trick. Ron told me a few months back"no more yarn" so when I get that feeling I need to buy I go shopping for my friend Carol who can always use the yarn I can be pretty tricky.

Anonymous said...

Toooooo Cute!  Haha..............................Stormie