Thursday, July 21, 2005

... satisfied. At least for now.

Today is the "kickoff" day of the CGOA's National Conference, and sadly, this year I am not there.  (whimper whimper)  While I've been a member of the CGOA since 2001, I've only attended two Conferences ... one in 2003, and one in 2004.  I do hope that all those lucky hookers who are there now come back with fantastic stories and pictures to share.  I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful events!   No, I don't want to wait!  I'll fine-tooth comb the Internet to see if anyone is updating their blog while they're there.  Oh, please let there be someone! People, I NEED details!! (Or maybe someone can send me a postcard? Yes? Please?) {{smirks}}

I didn't let my whimpering about not going this year get me down!  No!  I had a lot of fun today teaching here in Connecticut!  (Really!! I did!!!)  One of my classes was filled with knitters wanting to learn the basics of crochet.  I found it interesting when one student commented, "It's almost a requirement for us knitters to learn how to crochet ... so many of the patterns require it for edgings!"  How true, how true!!  At the end of the class I pronounced them all "Happy Hookers" and bid them quick stitching -- they seemed to enjoy that!  :)

Later, after my Hairpin Lace class that was also a lot of fun, I decided to do some shopping at the store.  Yeah, I know, I'm on a fiber diet.  But listen, if I'm here in Connecticut and not at the Conference, then I think I'm entitled to a little comfort food, er, fiber, don't you?  I didn't go crazy; I kept control of myself as I strolled around.  Mostly, I bought more hanks of thread -- you know, the kind the cross stitchers and needlepointers use.  I've been crocheting a necklace and wanted to introduce more color, so I thought I'd treat myself.  It was kind of like having a mini-chocolate bar rather than a full 16 oz bar if you know what I mean. The craving for fiber was satisfied.  At least for now. 

I also had a reunion with a student of mine from about a year and a half ago.  She admitted she really hasn't been crocheting -- ah! that darn "knit bug bit me" she said.  I assured her that it was OK.  She did relay that her sister-in-law is a newbie crocheter, and that she was happy to have taken one of my classes to at least be able to offer her SIL (sister-in-law) a little help.  In fact, that's why she was at the store -- she wanted to pick out a book & some fibers to surprise her with.  What a sweet lady; it was great to see her again!  (I wonder if she needs another SIL -- I'm adoptable.  LOL)

That's it for tonight; my crochet hook is calling me.  I have more swatches to crochet ...


Ah ... a blog with Conference News:

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    and a NEWS VIDEO CLIP:   Lisa Vs Lily:  I won't spoil the results by posting them here  :)

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