Monday, July 25, 2005

Feelin' groovy even with a shamefully still hook

I'm feelin' pretty groovy today; I am decked out in technology!  LOL

What happened this weekend was we decided to replace my cell phone.  (See!  Being on a fiber diet pays off!!)   Besides the display screen on my old cell phone going bad, the technology was old.  I couldn't even pick up a signal in my own town while being near our new cell tower!  (Now that's baaaad!) I've been waiting for over a year to replace it; I'm so glad I waited!

I found a phone with features similar to the those I'm addicted to (you know, features you just can't seem to "live without"), and a few new features I'm quite excited about.  Yes, it has a camera built in, but I don't know how much use that will get since I already have a digital camera (the one I "stole" from my father this past Easter <<grins>>) Of course the video option may prove interesting ....

I'm excited about the infrared and bluetooth possibilities!!  I spent yesterday learning how my new cell phone and PDA talk to each other.  I hope to merge the technology with my crocheting -- including "reporting live" from various fiber events I attend!  I still have a bit more to learn, so it may be a little while until it happens, so stay tuned!  I've got 30 days to test-drive this puppy, so you know I'll be doing some experimentation!  LOL

Other than that, my hook has been shamefully still.  I feel bad about it.  Really, I do.  I promise to do some today.  No really!  Right after I finish trying to get the phone and the PDA hooking up to AOL here ... At the very least, I'll use a Balene crochet hook as my stylus, OK?  Does that count?  Groovy!  :)

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