Monday, July 11, 2005

Ah, Zusammen!!

After my admitting that my yarn acquisition is out of control and stating that I'm on a yarn diet, I did it.

Yes, I already confessed to my sweet hubby, and he fully forgave me.

                             Will you?

I came home with four more pounds of yarn -- of zusammen! 

Listen, I didn't buy it.

           No, no, no!  I didn't steal it either!  

It was a donation from the yarn supplier Caron!  (Thank you Caron!!)  The yarn will be used to crochet up items that will be donated to area charities my group supports.  So, since I didn't buy the yarn -- and because it's for a good cause, did I break my diet?  Can you forgive me???

                 Oh good!  Thank you!!!  :)

Now, what's this with the zusammen?  Well (looks around slyly) I figure for those that are having real problems explaining that they purchased more yarn for their ever growing stashes, that perhaps we could call the yarn what it is, only in a different language!  What do you think?  Do you think we can get away with it? Zusammen is German for yarn!  ((grins))

Oh, oh, let's try it out:

       "I'll be right back to finish cooking dinner, honey!  I ran out of some juntos and I forgot the local store has it on sale!"  (*Juntos is spanish for yarn)

     "My doctor appointment went fine, dear.  The doctor did put me on some supplements like Insieme.  No nothing serious, just a preventive measure to keep me happy."  (*Insieme is Italian for yarn.)

     "Do you have plans for today, sweetie?  No?  All right then, perhaps you'd be interested in a day of golf while I head out.  I have a project needing some ensemble-ment and I need to talk to an experienced sales person about it..."  (*ensemble is French for yarn.)


Hey, ya know, this just might work!  (wink wink)


Anonymous said...

ROTFL!!!!!!  Thank you for the much, much-needed laugh this morning!   I'm very jealous of your zusammen donation from Caron!  SimplySoft ROCKS!  Hugs, Sheila  PS  I'm a descendant of Pennsylvania Germans and my parents live near Amish country in Indiana.  Someday I would like to learn basic German.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,

I just happened to discover your homepage and your journal. I have to confess this entry is very amusing. The sorrier, I have to tell you, that your German is wrong.
"Zusammen" means "together". "Yarn" is translated with "Garn" or with mostly used material "Wolle" (wool). A german prefers to speak of "Wolle" when knitting and of "Garn" when crocheting, because crochet-material in Germany is often cotton, not wool.
Believe me, I am a German, so I hope you pardon any flaws in my English.

To the other comment: For learning German look for a "Goethe-Institut". This is a public organisation/foundation, supported by the government, with the purpose to make the german language known and accessable all over the world. To my knowledge language courses, that do not take place in Germany are free.

Enjoy crocheting and bye

Andrea Geier