Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Pains of Dieting

I think saying it out loud helps confirm the deal.  Writing it down, or in this case, typing it, helps cement it.  It becomes a record, something to refer to should the memory decide to go on vacation or look the other way.

I've already admitted to myself that I am on a diet, so I'm here today to admit it too.  If I clarify that statement a bit more, I'm actually on two diets:  1. for my weight  and 2. for my ever accumulating fiber.  I'm thinking of tracking my weight in my new journal, Dee, Off_Topic, so that leaves discussing my fiber diet here as it is crochet related.

First, let me stand up and make my confession:
     "Hi, my name is Dee, and I'm a fiberholic.  It's been six weeks since my last yarn purchase for myself.  I hope with your support you can help me taper down my addiction so I can at least walk around my house without tripping over a 90-gallon tote."

There, I did it!  That felt great!!  :)

My goal is to use up a lot of what I have in my stash.  I really need the space (hey, my kids are telling me they need the space back in their room as they have no place to store their toys!), and if I really want us to be able to afford a larger house, well, we'll have to bank all that money I'd normally spend on yarn.

You'll help me if I get weak, won't you?  You won't tempt me by telling me of great yarn sales you found, or ebay auctions you've won.  You won't tell me how luscious the latest yarn looks, feels, and works up.  You won't tell me how the color goes so well with my eyes.

Oh!  The pains of dieting!  I'm shaking.  I have this incredible drive, this thirst, to go out and buy more yarn.  What does a fiberholic have to do to get more fiber around here?  Raise her own sheep?  ... well now, maybe that's not a bad idea...

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