Saturday, July 9, 2005

Oh, Dee, You busy, busy bee!

I've been busy. Very busy indeed! I opened a few more shops over there at cafepress after many of you, my students and my readers, have requested me to create more variety of crochet items that declare our passion, our addiction, and our love of the art of crochet. So, I did, and I hope everyone likes the new shops as much as I do.  :)   To the right is the shop called Teddy Bear Dreams which features an image of the crocheted teddy bears sitting on a beach.  The graphic states, "Crochet Stitches and Teddy Bear Dreams."

Next, I took the Pig comic and created a new store that offers more than just the pins ... it's now in it's own little shop called Yarn Tails. On the left is one of the mugs that are now available.

The next question you have to ask is how hooked on crochet are you -- are you "
so hooked" or are you "seriously hooked?" 

The questions don't stop there!  LOL  ... Next question ... do you hold your hook like a "
pencil"  ... or like a "knife?"  There's even a 'lil something for the bride or bride to be!   You'll even notice that there's new graphics at the CrochetWithDee shop! ... see, I have been busy! ...even creating a line for those that want be be designers and create "patterns on the fly!"

I hope this satisfies everyone's desire to promote crochet ... and if not, I'm game for suggestions.  J

If you do opt to shop ... be it at one of my shops or at someone else's ... WRITE THIS CODE DOWN:  lolsav  ... is good for $3 off all apparel until July 14. 

No cooking for me tonight ... I've got a doily dancing over there on the couch ... just dying for a few more rounds ... pictures coming soon.  :)

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