Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Crochet Trivia: Did Ewe Know?

Did Ewe Know?

Did ewe know that for every single knitter there are three crocheters?

So lets do some math.

According to the research firm, Mediamark Research, Inc (aka. MRI), in 2002, 3,353,000 Americans said they knitted.

If we take that number, 3,353,000 and multiplied it times three we get a staggering number of 10, 059,000 crocheters!

MRI also reports:  "... that the average knitter in 2002 was 55.7 years old, while knitters three years before that were 56.8 years old, on average - quite a feat, considering that the population of the United States as a whole is aging. On top of that, 31 percent of all knitters today have either a bachelor's degree or a postgraduate degree, versus just 26 percent who held such a degree just before the turn of the millennium. And with more schooling comes more money: In 2002, the average knitter personally earned $39,756 a year, compared with $31,640 earned by the average knitter in 1999. That $8,100 difference represents a lot more money knitters can spend on yarn!"

So if you're thinking like I'm thinking, if we take that $8,100 difference that knitters spend on yarn, and multiply it times the number of crocheters ... that means there's a whopping $81,477,900,000 untapped crochet market out there!

We just need to help everyone out of the crocheter's closet!  ;)

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Wow Dee! I haven't been around for a few days, but you've done a really nice job on your sidebar! I keep meaning to do a nice graphic for my About Me space.... someday <g>