Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's Melting Hot in CT!!

It's very hot here in Connecticut -- so hot I think my Internet provider, AOL is melting too because I've had difficulties adding an entry today; that includes difficulty doing an audio entry!  The following is the entry (or close to it) that you would have heard:

     "Good afternoon, thanks for joining me here at my journal, CrochetWithDee.  (wet splashing sounds in the background.) Today's audio entry is brought to you from my backyard while sitting on my swing.  My children are busy, just a few yards away, cooling off in their little kiddie pool, and I have a lot of thread beside me so I tinker some more with the Overlay Crochet technique I learned a few short weeks ago; right now I'm playing with various shades of greens. (sounds of crows flying overhead with a low motorcycle roar coming from a few roads away)

"On the other side of the house we have one of those noisy rock polishing kits going.  (the neighbor's dog is now barking at the crows, and the other neighbors' baby is crying)  It takes about 3 weeks to get the rocks polished up into treasures -- some of which I plan on adopting for future crochet projects. 

"(more sounds of young giggles and splashing, inviting cool sounding) If the weather cools off a bit, I just might venture into taking some pictures.  If not, I'm going to put my crochet aside for awhile and jump in that pool with the kids.  Heck, I may as well just bring my crocheting in the pool with me -- hemp needs to be crocheted while it's wet anyway ... "

OK, so while I think about where my bathing suit might be (and if I have any hemp in "stock"), I thought I'd share my "keeping cool" secret -- it's a fruit-shake!  My family just loves them!  :)

1 8oz cup yogurt
1 8oz cup of 100% juice (match it to the fruit for a really yummy taste!)
8 oz fresh (washed!) fruit (frozen works well too)
6-8 ice cubes

Blend until smooth; drink up!   Ahhhhh!!!

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