Sunday, July 24, 2005


Why is it that so many don't understand the basics of ownership? Or should I clarify that with this question, why is it that so many don't respect the basics of ownership?

Lets say, as an example, that you went out and purchased a new car and someone came along, took your keys without permission, drove 50,000 miles and then returned it to you.  Would it make a difference that your car now has 50,000 miles on it?  Well, yeah! -- it wouldn't be a new car anymore and the VALUE of it would have depreciated greatly!  Plus, you'd feel that all the time, energy and effort you put into saving/paying off that car was deemed worthless.  You may even give up on ever buying another new car!  But for sure, you wouldn't be sitting there on your front stoop waiting for the car to be returned; you'd do something about it, like report it to the police, right?

It's the same thing for designers.  They work very hard at bringing us new patterns, and when copies of their work are made -- via paper  or CD, or whatever electronic format, and passed around, then their work, their "car" value is depreciated. 

Do I have a bug crawling up my spine about this issue?  I sure do!  I'm trying to "make it" in the design business, and when someone approaches me and asks me to make a copy of work I don't own the copyright to, it upsets me.  

We have to ask ourselves: do we want BMW type of patterns or 3-cylinder Geo Metro patterns?  Personally, I want quality patterns that are proven, and work up beautifully.  That won't happen if we're chasing away the top designers because their work keeps getting stolen!  When I look at a pattern, I want my thoughts to paraphrase the BMW motto, "If you think it looks good on paper, wait until you get it on the hook."

We have an opportunity to educate ... to educate our friends, our families, and our crochet buddies.  Through this education we keep our top designers, and we keep the new publications coming!   Pass the word that you're on this BMW bandwagon too! 

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