Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Relishing in Conference Memories

What a fantastic week it was!  

If it had not been for my dear husband driving me up to NH, caring for the kids -- and me! -- I think I would be one very sad lady for missing such a great event.  But fortunately for me, I married a fantastic guy!  

 I briefly noted yesterday that I went to the doctor's for my visit.  He was pleased that I did not over do it and regress in my healing.  He still hasn't lifted my driving restrictions of 20 minutes, so I still cannot resume teaching classes.  So, while I wait and heal I'll work on the baby blanket pattern I'm designing for the Adult Ed class planned for September in Stamford, and practice some more of my knitting.  

Yes, I have been working on that knitting ... doing a scarf.  Something simple, you know.  (And for the record, no, I'm not defecting from crochet!)  With this scarf I noticed that my loops on the hook, er, needle was increasing.  So I got my "increases" under control -- you know, by using a crochet technique called "fudging," ... but I'm not sure about that half-missing row!  What happened there?  Eish!! ... Good thing this is just practice!  Yesterday, I ordered myself two books on knitting as I do want to learn a bit more, if anything, to aid those knitters that come to me to learn crocheting.  I figure, if I know where they're coming from, it will make it easier to teach them.  :)  

Some of the results of my attending the Conference include:

  • Meeting people interested in joining my Chapter, or starting one themselves.
  • Encouraging other Chapters to start online Yahoo groups for their states to help Crocheters find each other like the ConnecticutCrochet group does ... several people said they like this idea and plan on doing it!
  • Noticing that this Radisson was willing to change my mind about the chain (no pun intended) ... they were happy to bring chairs and pillows to each class I was in, functions I attended and so on; brought the refrigerator to my room promptly so I could keep my ice packs in rotation ... just fantastic.  Nothing like the cold-hearted Radisson in Chicago!
  • Sitting with Darla Fanton and having a heart-to-heart discussion about my CGOA Membership level -- what can I say?  I'm going PROFESSIONAL!  (I'll still get to have Melissa Leapman as my Mentor, but she feels I'm more than qualified to be a Professional rather than an Associate).  And then today, as a result of my Journal (& the FF group)  I had a great online email exchange with a lady named Holly  -- I encouraged her to become a Professional or Associate Professional member & she just emailed me to say she's off to the CGOA website to do just that!  Wow!  What a great feeling this is!!

  • Oh, did I mention that I just received a packet in the mail from Stitches East? ...it's a packet requesting I submit class proposals for 2005!   With all the positive feedback I got on my work at the Conference, and that from my local students, I think I just might do that!  Wish me luck! :) 

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