Saturday, July 24, 2004

Audio entry

What a day!   It really started out the night before when my phone started ringing off the hook.   Apparently, as I was in my room resting, while having my back seriously iced down, the Annual Meeting turned into a horror story.   Since I wasn't there I don't think it's my place to pass on what I heard secondhand.   I do know that my Chapter members were quite upset and I requested they come to my room and discuss what happened.  We assessed the situation, calmed down a bit, and planned on gathering for breakfast for this morning.

Breakfast was great.   We stuck out due to our purple shirts, and laughter! ...Later another member joined us (Ruth, with her husband Ron), and later we invited Prudence to dine with us.   I felt it was important to be with my Chapter members; but in doing so I missed the CGOA Officer's Meeting.   (Perhaps next year I'll be able to make it.)

In my morning class, which is where I made my audio entry for today, Tosca passed out a baggy to each participant filled with over 50 samples of yarn!   We had fun looking at her samples, including one made of bamboo!  

Afterwards was the Chapter Development Luncheon.   I thought the lunch was to have been more than the bag lunch we had been getting, but that wasn't the case.    I sat with HHCC members Elaine and Pat and was thrilled to learn that our Chapter won the Mapquest Challenge.

We came in second for the Hat Challenge ... we had 168 hats.   The NYCCG had something like 450.   Other Chapters participated too, so in my eyes, we're all "winners" as many will benefit from our combined efforts.  :)

My last class at the Conference was Tambour Crochet, again with Tosca.   She passed out many samples for us to try the technique on, but my back was throbbing.   So I ended up apologizing to Tosca and left the class about an hour early.   I didn't want to end up like last night and miss out on more events -- especially because tonight is the Member's Fashion Show and this is the event I'm bringing my family to enjoy!

So, up to my room I went, I got iced, and then met with another magazine editor.   She said she liked my work and is looking forward to me contacting her with pitches.   Yes, I know it's baseball season, and at that very time that the NY Yankees & the Boston Red Sock teams were acting like misbehaved children fighting in the field -- but it's not the same type of pitch.   In this case, she's looking forward to hearing some of my ideas.  :)

OK ... time to get ready for the Member's Fashion Show.... 


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Anonymous said...

Dee, Thanks so much for sharing so much about Chain Link.  I would have loved to have been there but I feel like I at least have an idea of what fun it was.  Holly