Thursday, July 29, 2004

I am NOT defecting!

I have this driving restriction of 20 minutes.  (If you're just tuning into my Journal for the first time, the restriction is from recently rupturing two discs in my back) ... this means that I am still unable to visit the store, Knit Together, and converse with the staff about my latest endeavor ... knitting.

Actually, I just spoke on the phone with Liz, an employee of the store, and it took her a moment to register the word "knitting" that I uttered from my mouth.  I think she's in shock.  I know I still am!

"Thus far," I said to Liz, "my scarf has a button hole, and more curves than I do,  and," I added, "what tension?"

We had a good laugh.  A really good laugh!

Meanwhile, Mr. UPS knocked on my door.  My new books arrived.  I got Donna Kooler's encyclopedia of knitting, and Maggie Righetti's knitting in plain english.  Since I enjoy the crochet versions of these two books so much, I thought I would enjoy/learn something from the knitting versions as well.

So am I, in news of this, defecting from crochet?  Oh perish the thought!

Rest easy, and be assured that I'm not.
Crochet is my true artistic passion. J

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Dee.   But don't feel lonely I just recently took up knitting and I am finding that I enjoy it.  They both can have a place in our lives.  Take care and have fun
Jill AKA jabberpaws in chat.