Monday, July 5, 2004

AOL Keyword: Hobby

I'm so excited; I'm featured ... well not me per-say, but my work is ... featured on AOL's Hobby page!
(NOTE: Please give the image time to load.)

I had received an email from them requesting permission to use my image, and then thought nothing more about it.

Then this morning I went to see if they have Fourth of July things I can have my children do (it's a rainy day and taking them fishing for the first time is out) and found myself looking at my crochet work! 
(Yee Haw!)

I tried to put a link to the AOL Hobby page, but could not get it to work. I don't know if it's because it's an internal AOL page URL or what. So if you're a subscriber to AOL, you can go to keyword: HOBBY and it will take you to the actual Hobby page.

On a Crochet Note: I thought I had finished my DD's camisole, but yesterday I found some pretty bead trim I had on hand.  So I added it and love the way it adds so much fun to the garment!  And best of all, she loves it too. 

Today, I plan on catching up on my emails, and finishing my hat for the contest.  The hat is causing some creative conflicts (should I do this, add that?  What about if I did that or this?) ... the hat must be done by next weekend, so that's where my concentration is at the moment.  The hat is a blend of conservative goes funky.  LOL  At least I'm having fun with it.  J



Anonymous said...

wow, I saw this yesterday and thought man that is so does one do that...I didn't read the fine print that it was your are totally amazing, I used to love to chachet..just the simple hands don't allow me to do it anymore.. :( I am hoping though after my new treatment I'll be able to finish up a few things I started a few years back! Ü

Anonymous said...

I don't know a darn thing about crochet, but you have a top notch Journal. Keep up the good work.