Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Design Complications & ...

I've been working on my hat for the upcoming competition this weekend and hit a snag ... I used some of my Berroco's ribbon yarn I had in my stash from last year, and although I crocheted it tightly, and with an "F" hook, it's stretching. 

What is ribbon yarn? While most yarn and thread has a round and twisted consistancy to it, ribbon yarn is flat, and comes in different widths, texture, color and so on.  The main thing to remember is that it is FLAT.  And that the wider the ribbon, the larger the hook you'll want to use to create your project with.

 So, getting back to my project, it's stretching so much that calling it a lamp shade instead of a hat would be fitting.  So now, I'm thining of ways I can fix this.  My first thought was to crochet a band and attach it.  This method failed.  It's still stretching too much. 

So, my second thought is to weave floral wire into the work.  I'm thinking that it would then only stretch as much as the amount of wire I weave in.  Starching the hat I don't think will help ... it's too big and heavy; but I'm also not ruling this option out entirely.

Other design complications seem to be with the crocheted wire earring instructions in the latest Bead & Button magazine (which I enjoy so much!) -- perhaps I was too tired last night to read the instructions correctly.  I'll have to give it another try sometime today, or consider perhaps doing a pair of my own design.  I'm thinking that it would be fun to wear a pair at the upcoming Conference.

I was proud of myself yesterday -- I came home with no new goodies (yarn) after teaching.  But I know next week may be a dangerous week because while I was there Mr. UPS stopped by with 19 LARGE boxes of yarn.  I'm sure they'll have new treasures to show me which will, somehow, end up getting adopted ((giggles & grins))

Today, I'll be off to the Coffee, Crochet & Chat sessions at our local Border's book store.  This is an event that is sponsored by my local CGOA Chapter, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, and Borders.  It's a great way to just hang out and meet new crocheters -- while checking out the latest Crochet books and magazines at the same time.  

If you're feeling a bit sheepish today and want to have some fun too, then you may want to check out these two links:    Sheep Game  and  What Kind of Yarn are You?

(BTW, the link for B&B magazine mentioned earlier will lead you to the website where I subscribe & renew most of my magazines; I haven't found a place with lower fees yet!  I get asked this quite a bit and thought I'd share it with you too)


UPDATE (3:01 PM):  I just returned from the Coffee, Crochet & Chat session from this morning; there's another one tonight that I'm also looking forward to. After the session this morning I went to the store known as CraftBasket, and had to strongly refrain myself from touching the new colors of Fun Fur that they have in stock.  Being on a fiber diet is tough!! ... but I must remain strong as I know the Vendors Market at the upcoming Conference will have treasures that I MUST have!  (LOL)  But, just because I was good with saying "No" to fiber, doesn't mean that I was as strong to beads and findings.  Yes, $70 worth came home with me.  Fortunately, I have immediate plans for the items I purchased ... including trying to make the earrings featured in the August issue of Bead & Button that I mentioned earlier.  Did it help that I had the "Bead Team" &  with me?  Of course not!  (LOL)

BTW: If you click onto the Fun Fur image above, it will lead you to the official Lion Brand website ... and they even have free patterns you can try.  Same goes for the Berroco Ribbon Yarn image ... it will take you right to the official website of Berroco.  Happy drooling.  J


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