Saturday, July 10, 2004

Audio entry

Has it been two weeks already since my nephew married his sweetheart? Wow! Time does pass by quickly!  (To read about the Wedding Details, CLICK HERE)

To recap the event, my son and daughter were in the wedding party (thus the image you see of the two walking together) ... he was the Ring Bearer, and she, the Flower Girl.

To the left is the pillow I created, without a pattern, that is seriously beaded. (I hope to receive more pictures that will show it off better.) To the right is my son, walking with my daughter, proudly carrying it down the aisle.  You can barely see in the corner of the pillow the crystal beads that dangle down and glisten in the light.

Pictured to the left is my sister-in-law, whom I adore. She is the Mother of the Groom, and had borrowed the shawl I actually crocheted weeks before to wear to my son's graduation. It was beautiful on her, and I only wish the photograph would do more justice.

OK, and a sneak peak (on the bottom right-hand side) at the wrap I was inspired to make when we went to New Hampshire during Memorial Day Weekend. I wore the wrap at the Wedding, and I plan on wearing this wrap at the upcoming Conference as well.

 (One never knows, I just might write up the instructions one day and submit it to an editor ... if I do, you'll learn about it here first!)

It's been fun reliving the memories of the Wedding, and of each stitch, but now it's time to head to the beach -- and bring my "small, personal item" I'm crocheting -- a "one of a kind"-- for the Crochet Exchange during the Welcome Reception for the 2004 CGOA Conference ... all I'll say is that it's really pretty, and made of thread.  I'll keep you guessing for a while.  :)

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Anonymous said...

how beautiful Dee! Thank you! judi