Friday, July 23, 2004

CGOA Conference: Day 3

The third day of the Conference started early this morning with a fantastic Fashion Show Breakfast that combined garments both crocheted and knitted.  The items were all beautiful -- Prudence's red Freeform wrap was a huge hit, as well a new vendor showing items made of real fur "yarn" ... everything was just beautiful!  (I found it odd though that the flicker of flash bulbs seemingly only went off when crochet was on the runway!)

After the breakfast I was approached by Prudence & she gave me a kiss -- apparently she got my amulet bag in the Secret Crochet Exchange and said she loved it! 

My classes started with Bodacious Blocks ... yes, with Prudence!  It was a great class and I got to meet Jean Leinhauser, who owns the Cafe Crochet/Crochet Partners online list, and has many, many credits for putting out numerous crochet books throughout the years.  What a pleasure it was to meet such a great lady!

After class I got to sit with Nancy Brown (of Crocheter's Companion) and discuss the Hook Collectors Group.  We discussed last year's notes, and I suggested that Linda of Grafton Fiber be considered ... maybe a wooden Tunisian hook ... I don't know if they'll take my suggestion or not, but I thought it couldn't hurt to suggest it. 

My next class was to have been a demo of working with thread with Tosca Mark.  But since my back was hurting, I opted to skip the class and go to my room to ice my back. 

My final class for today was with Kathleen Power Johnson.  The class was a lot of fun -- even if it was KNITTING!!  Yes, that's right, I tried knitting.  I kept messing up big time, but was able to get some stitches right.  (It was fun to tell Kathleen that my fiber was allergic to my needles -- but it was a riot when she said she thought it was the needles allergic to the fiber!  LOL)  Because the class was fun, I found it easy to relax and I think I learned a thing or two -- we'll see in the long run.

I will miss being at the Freeform Dinner tonight, and the CGOA's yearly meeting because I'm now in my room with ice on my back.  It's pretty sore, and I think it's best I rest so that I can participate in all of tomorrow's activities.

It's been a great three days, and I'm so glad I was I was able to come!

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