Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spreading the Crochet Holiday Cheer

Little did I expect to find myself visiting our local mall again -- so soon.  So that is where I was last night.  This is because with Mr. Dee having worked 80 hours last week, and declaring he had of yet to start his holiday shopping and wanting me to join him so we could spend time together as a family, I returned to the mall.   His only instructions to me were "Just don't look."  (Rrrright!  We all know I looked!  LOL)

So, there we were, at our local mall, when I should spot my dream Christmas Tree in the store front window of The Gap ... 

I, in my joyousness of discovering the tree, shouted out with glee, "Children, look!  It's our ideal Christmas Tree!!"  

The look on their faces was priceless.  It read, "Oh no!  Please, please say it isn't so!!"   I couldn't help but laugh.  Then just a few feet away was another tree, and then another, and peeking inside the store resulted in eye-delight of even more trees adorned with balls of yarn!  Could it be that The Gap has gone into the yarn business??  No, but it was fun seeing them promote it!

As we walked around the mall, many times I was left to stand outside of the store so Mr. Dee and the children could go inside and make their selections.  Thankfully I had my own ball of yarn and a crochet hook with me.  I took it out each time and worked on one of those last minute holiday gift projects ...

I found it fantastically amazing to meet so many people wanting to know more about my project!  Complete strangers came up to me and inquired about my hook (it was a Graydog), the yarn (Vanna White's new yarn line), the project (a doggie sweater), and also the stitch (the basic single crochet stitch).    At one point I got caught crocheting by one of Mini~Dee's classmate's parents -- and now she  is considering joining our local CGOA Chapter for a meeting sometime.  (Gotta love when that happens! {VBG})

Later in the evening, as I was feeling even bolder, I even crocheted while making a purchase at Macy's -- the cashier was more interested in what I was making, and then another staff member came over -- and well, lets just say that must have been a first for Macy's -- one of their customers crocheting at their counter!  Ho ho ho!   

Overall, I found it fun to spread the Crochet Holiday Cheer, all while awaiting for Mr. Dee to finish up his holiday shopping!  :)

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