Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Norman Rockwell Kind of Day ...

Today we will venture out and participate in our Second Annual "Norman Rockwell" Day.  We'll be gathering with many, many family members at the top of one of the beautiful gentle rolling hills located in Shelton, Connecticut; where it seems the winds are just a bit nipper, and the voices a bit cheerier.  The scent of pine, hot apple cider, along with the heat of bonfires, is just part of the fantastic experience I look forward to on this day.   Yes, we'll be at the Jones Family Tree Farm selecting our Christmas tree and watching Dee Jr. chop it down.   (It was amazing to watch him cut down his first tree last year and drag it down the hilltop; our "Norman Rockwell" moment.)

This, naturally, means we'll need to bundle up quite well.  And, I've discovered, I am not prepared!  I have a new winter coat this year, burgandy with a few cream colored stripes (my *real* favorite colors), and I don't have a hat or scarf -- that matches -- that I can wear!  I have been so involved with my charity projects that, pardon the expression here, I have left myself completely out in the cold! 

Of course I'll need to address this situation as soon as possible!  I know I won't be able to create the hat & scarf before today's family gathering, but I can start the planning stage.  And this is where you come into the picture: tell me, if you had your choice of all the yarns avaliable in the world, what would YOU choose to create your own personal hat & scarf set?

Then, after revealing what yarn you'd use, go and submit your name to the Interweave Press' drawing being promoted by their "Knitting Daily" e-newsletter.  You could win a
$300 shopping spree at your favorite local yarn shop and create your own "Norman Rockwell" type of day!  :)


Anonymous said...

Dee, Im back Ive been without a computer for a week. Now for a hat and scarf since I dont wear them Im at a lost for fiber for them but maybe something soft and lush would be nice and toasty and warm. Sherri

Anonymous said...

I honestly wouldn't know where to start on the scarf and hat, Dee!  There are many, many fibers I've yet to experience.  So, I would have to say that as long as it was a) soft, b) warm, and c) easy to care for - it has my vote.

Love the story of your "Norman Rockwell" Day.  There is nothing like the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

For my own scarf and hat, I'd choose the Patons Bohemian in casual cream or Lion Brand Color Waves in Pebble Beach. I'm sure there's another yarn out there that I haven't tried yet that would make me happy too. I actually did make myself a short scarf out of the Patons Bohemian though a darker color, and I made another one with the Color Waves, but not for myself.