Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday I awoke with the most awesome holiday feeling -- the feeling of knowing all those hours of crocheting hats, mittens and scarves, combined with the efforts of my CGOA Chapter members, would be doing good for our local community.  And, this being our FIFTH year participating in this drive, just made the day feel more special.

The day started off fine, but by mid-afternoon, turned into a near nightmare because the predicted snow and ice seemingly arrived a bit early.   Traffic -- just driving in it -- was horrible!  (Where is Rudolph the Reindeer when you need him???)  A drive that should have been mere minutes turned into hours!

>people failing to obey the traffic laws caused traffic to worsen in the city; a five minute drive turned into an hour of inching.

I was worried.  Not because of all the traffic, the fire engines, the police cars, or the ambulances darting and dashing through all the cars, but because I was to have met up with some of our HHCC members and then dart over to the Salvation Army Headquarters to make our donation.  Would we make it in time?  Did they close early due to the weather?  The thought of inching our way there to find them closed weighted heavily in my mind.  Indeed, would we make it there in time?

Thank goodness for cell phones!  Eventually we were able to hook up with Nancy, and along with my children, were able to donate 92 sets of hats, mittens/gloves, and scarves -- a new record for our group! -- along with many, many new toys.  Our local Salvation Army was extremely thankful for our generosity, and for our bravery for coming out when the weather was so bad.

At the Salvation Army Headquarters in Danbury

Getting home was no picnic either.  Eventually I pulled into a diner and treated the kids to dinner out.  As we ate and discussed the traffic, I was delighted my children were more focused on the good we had just accomplished; 92 children will be warmer this winter due to the efforts of the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, Connecticut Chapter of the CGOA.  And that, no matter what the weather is outside, is a heart-warming thought.  :)  Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

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